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New promotional prices, cashback offer and other pricing updates

Our standard plans used to be 5 orders for $29 and 10 orders for $39, but now you can get twice the value for the same price! If you have been a VIP with us, these prices will look familiar. But due to the popularity of these plans we have decided to make it available to everyone for a limited time along with our cashback promotion! In the past you needed to get upgraded to the VIP plan by a Hero, but now you can simply sign up to it yourself in the app. Check it out for yourself, or you can send us a message on Facebook or call us at 1300 763 871 if you need any help.

 *Cashback Promotion!

Our new cashback offer is available to everyone who jumps on our pre-paid monthly plans. Sign up to the $29 or $39 plan, place one order, and then on the next order you place after that you will receive your cashback reward. ^Make full use of the orders on your plan and you’d be paying as low as $2.90 or $1.95 per delivery 😱 (But don’t forget that we do charge 10-25% on top of your order total, more information on that here). These plans are also billed monthly, just like a pre-paid phone plan, so you don’t have to worry about renewing it. Each shop you select counts as 1 order, and you can still place as many orders as you want in a single delivery. So you can have your groceries, take-away for dinner and ice-cream for dessert delivered in one convenient time or separately if that suits you better, because the number of orders you use will still be the same. So don’t miss out on this amazing limited time offer! Sign up to our monthly plan here, and get access to our VIP pricing and $20-$30 cashback!

Support your local independent businesses

New Prices on Fast Food Delivery

As a company we love supporting local independent businesses and restaurants, but we also know that many of you love getting fast food delivered with us. Therefore in order to strike a balance between these two priorities, we will be charging up to 25% on orders from stores like Maccas, KFC and Hungry Jacks. But not to worry, all other orders from the supermarkets, restaurant partner and retail partner stores we deliver from still remain at just 10%.

We’re thankful for everyone who’s been with us from the start, and we hope that you will continue to stick with us as we continue to grow. Stay awesome everyone!

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