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It’s safe to say that everyone enjoys the convenience of on-demand delivery at some point in their life. These days you can get anything delivered; absolutely anything. Thats why we decided to compile a list of our favourite weird things you can get delivered across the world.

While Postmates doesn’t list this in their services they do state that they will deliver “anything” and its apparent that they really do.

Riding on the legalisation of marijuana in parts of the USA, Eaze is a convenient and lawful service for medical marijuana patients to acquire their prescription without having to go out to a legal dispensary. Not to mention, it’s a much better alternative to having the creepy local dealer swing by.

Yes, apparently you can get on demand childcare from a company called Kangadoo.

Not long ago Uber teamed up with Purina and gave workplaces all over the world the chance to play with puppies from local shelters. While UberPuppies only let people play with the puppies for a limited time there was a chance to adopt.

Soothe sends 5 star massage therapists to you within an hour.

We also thought we’d include a list of weird ways things have been delivered. All we could find was things by different Dominos across the world so here they are:

Apparently Japan thought this would work, we commend them on their effort and are grateful for the pictures that were created.

This is less of a way but more of a where. Dominos in the UK were at it again when they decided to deliver pizza to people on one specific bus line. We’re not quite sure about this one.

Another odd method thought up by Dominos in the UK. No comment needed.

In New Zealand the first pizza by drone was delivered. The only thing they need to do now is make sure kids don’t steal the them.

Dominos revealed their DRU prototype in our very own Brisbane more than a year go. Although these robots won’t be rolling out in the land down under for a while, they are up and running in Germany.

Out of all these different ways we still think that delivery by hero is the coolest!


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